Sisili Engineering, a sister company of Sisili Projects Consortium, was formed in 2005 with an understanding of the local need for the correct placement of technologies – ones that will remain viable not just today but in the future as well. By being able to, we aspire to not only provide greater savings and efficiencies to our clients but also bring Sri Lanka up to par with countries

Being a young establishment, Sisili Engineering initially dealt with supplying products and components such as gas cylinders, electrical meters, aluminium re-draw rods, ceramic insulators for transmission lines, surge arrestors, fuses, voltage regulators, conductors, insulators, transformers and circuit breakers according to the specifications and the needs of both the Sri Lankan government and the private sector.

Having established close liaisons and a supply history in the country, Sisili began the steady transition into promoting technical projects – for instance, we were able to successfully promote the Kerawalapitiya-Kotugoda Transmission Line Project in 2008. We also began utilizing our team of skilled engineers to provide technical solutions. In 2010 our team identified the need for energy efficient pumping technologies for backbone water pumping stations in Colombo. We then joined hands with ABB Germany to put together a state of the art solution using ABB’s award-winning machinery. In turn, Sisili was successful in securing the government’s approval to implement this solution – and this was indeed a moment of pride for our young establishment.

Having said that, the benchmark has been set and Sisili Engineering is now moving forward exploring other ventures such as mini-hydropower plants and solar power plants that can supplement the National Grid to meet Sri Lanka’s growing power requirements.


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