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Responsible hazardous waste management

In 2014, Sisili Projects Consortium established Sisili Hanaro Encare as a pilot project in the Colombo East Base Hospital, as a tripartite agreement with the Ministry of Health and the Central Environmental Authority of Sri Lanka. The objective of this project was to establish a two (02) MT/day centralized waste management facility that would responsibly dispose clinical waste generated in public and private healthcare sectors in the Western, Central and Southern provinces of the country. Upon the success of the pilot project, a state-of-the-art, commercial facility in Kerawalapitiya was established in August 2019 with an investment of US$ 5.2 million. Soon afterwards, we also began working with other waste streams including industrial waste, chemical waste, sludge, and wastewater from various industries ranging from apparel, tanning, and rubber to pharmaceuticals.

Sisili Hanaro Encare is thus a market pioneer and leader in clinical waste management in Sri Lanka, where our services are much needed. Our philosophy also extends beyond waste management in that we consider us as part of a circular system where all material from our day-to-day lives can be reused in various processing cycles.

We are also able to provide comprehensive operational and maintenance models according to the comfort levels of clients. We often work with clients to complete operations with maintenance for a certain time period, giving them time to develop their core business. Moreover, Encare will give clients access to additional consultancy services, complete turnkey solutions via our group engineering and construction companies in order further develop the holistic solution clients require.

Our Services

Sisili Hanaro Encare is a pioneer in services in clinical waste management and responsible disposal of other types of waste, leaving a positive environmental impact.

Clinical Waste Management Services

Secure Disposal

Encare undertakes the secure disposal of confidential items that clients would like to be removed from circulation. Encare’s transparent and digitized processes, together with certificate of destruction, provide our clients with the comfort of responsible disposal.

Industrial Waste Management

Offering both turnkey and/or operational models, our solutions have been optimized for South Asian conditions and focus on the entire process cycle – from waste minimization, process optimization, storage, transportation to final disposal. These cost-effective solutions mitigate risks associated with toxic waste generated from industries including pharmaceuticals, apparel, and tanning.

Marine Waste Management

As a registered service provider with the Marine Environment Protection Authority of Sri Lanka, Encare can provide waste reception and processing services for shipboard and maritime waste. The maritime waste categories we treat include clinical waste, general solid waste, plastic, foam, packaging materials and other non-hazardous waste residues.

Material Recovery

Encare offers auxiliary solutions (either centralized or decentralized) for clients to find value for waste by recovering inputs for material flows.

Our Facility

Established in 2019 upon the successful completion of the pilot project that kickstarted Encare, our Kerawalapitiya facility is Sri Lanka’s first state-of-the-art hazardous waste management facility. This facility is fully designed, fabricated, and operated by our very own engineering team. The facility helps process waste amounting to 15 MT per day on average collected from the Western, Central, and Southern Provinces of Sri Lanka. The Kerawalapitiya facility has the following features as well, adding to its reputation as a one- of-a-kind waste management facility in the country:

  • Automated Waste Feeding System
  • High Temperature, Multiple Chamber Incineration electronically controlled, burner systems ensure consistent, high emperature incineration (up to 1,200 °C)
  • Complete Flue Gas Treatment with Bag Filter Systems
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System ensures 24x7 compliance to guidelines by the CEA
  • Automated Ash Removal
  • Environmentally Friendly Ash Blocks (approved by CEA)

Our Technical Expertise

Encare is equipped with the best technical expertise matching international standards. Encare received its technology from Hanaro Eng. Co. Ltd., a Korean expert in the field, established in 1998. Hanaro has furnished its superior quality functional incinerators to countries such as Vietnam, Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, and Ukraine. Alongside the ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 certifications, Hanaro’s after sales services distinguish and uplift its goodwill in the industry of industrial supplies.

Hanaro has graciously transferred their valuable knowledge related to modern waste management technologies to our complete, self-sufficient, and skilled team of engineers. Us at Encare are fully equipped to design and develop customized waste management solutions suited and scaled to local contexts.

Head Office

Sisili Hanaro Encare (Pvt) Ltd, No. 05, Rheinland Place, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

+94 112 576050 / +94 112575175

+94 112576051

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