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earth-conscious tourist experience

With a focus on regenerative tourism, Sisili invested in a tea estate of 18 acres located in the beautiful hills of Kotmale in Sri Lanka, for an unconventional travel adventure experience. This property is being transformed into a multi-crop property by diversifying agricultural produce to include pepper, cardamom, and vanilla. Sisili Agro uses Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) farming in order to cultivate produce free from harmful chemicals, benefiting both the environment and consumers.

Sisili Agro is currently raising investment to construct eco-friendly chalets within a 3-hour drive from Colombo, designed to attract travelers seeking an immersive experience of location, environment, people, food, and nature. In addition, Sisili Agro is currently building partnerships with small to mid-sized farms operated by ground-level communities to ensure reliable sources for coconut husks which are a crucial component of the coir product range.


Sri Lanka’s rich biodiversity and varying climatic regions make it one of the best floriculture production centers for tropical to temperate flora. These abilities are further enhanced with the availability of rich, fertile soil, natural substrates (such as cocopeat) for growth media, technology for propagation, and a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Using these naturally abundant resources, since 2018 Sisili Agro has been working in agriculture focusing on its 18-acre tea estate in Kotmale, using GAP to produce pepper, cardamom, vanilla, and more. Sisili has established nurseries and partnering communities in both dry and wet zones in Sri Lanka for the development of the following ranges of floriculture:

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Sisili Coir
Sisili Coir
Sisili Coir

Sisili Coir

Sisili Agro’s partnerships with ground-level communities ensure self-sufficiency throughout the entire supply chain, including the limiting factor: the coconut husk. Sisili Agro factories are ISO 9001:2015 certified and hold GMP and Environmental Protection Licenses (EPL). Sisili Agro is an OMRI-certified company and a ‘National Exports Award’ (NEC) winner, making it a 360 evaluation with compliance of ethical production and trading. Some of Sisili Agro’s main markets are South America, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, China, Oman, Dubai, Saudi, Turkey, and Russia. Sisili Agro’s product range:

Growth media range:

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Sisili Coir


We are constantly on the lookout for passionate local and international investors to join us in our venture of sustainability. Contact us to start your journey.

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