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Our team of sustainability experts covers all kinds of corporate requirements possible – from local sustainable manufacturing, waste management and eco-friendly laundry services; all the way to strategic sustainable business planning, and investment opportunities!


Sustainability Management at its Finest

A multitude of High-Net-Worth Individuals in a number of industries, including hospitaility, energy, professionals, health care, communications and many others have hired our company for the benefit of having their services managed by us!

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We are confident about the fact, that clear goals, a long-term investment philosophy, a balanced portfolio, and low costs create a path to your financial goals. There’s investing, and there’s smart investing – with us of course.

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Working towards

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We have established ourselves as a rapidly expanding corporate entity in Sri Lanka by promoting and carrying on the business and the interests of our global partners domestically. Our edge is our combination of insight, placement and project delivery that offers our partners a personal and a value-added service, which is further enhanced by our precise work methodology. Our strength is the unprecedented exposure we give your project/product. We have transformed ourselves into a business hub – now lets us help you transform your business prospects in Sri Lanka.

Long Track Record

Founded back thirty seven years ago, our company has been proving for years and years, that we are the smartest people in this huge industry!

Numerous Case studies

Throughout the years of us being in the industry, we were able to call the right investment options, always being on the move and winning!

Experienced Team

All members of our big united team have a vast experience, profound skills, and an immediate urge to fix and implement any management ideas within their sight!


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Services including local manufacturing and waste management!

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Passionate in the way we mold Sri Lanka's future!

These are definitely exciting and dynamic times for our company and it has only enhanced the need for our company to leave its imprint. Change and growth is never synonymous – but here at Sisili Projects Consortium, it always is.